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Lalabye Baby cloth diapers from Lalabye Baby on Vimeo.


Getting Started


Saving For Diapers

Why choose cloth?

How many do I need?

Packing Your Diaper Bag

Washing And Care


Wash and Care

What is considered normal wear and tear, and how can I keep my diapers working longer?

Fix it! Yeast, mold, stains…

How to store/ways to display your cloth diapers




Troubleshooting Fixing Leaks

Adding absorbency through folding

Increasing absorbency

Fit Help

Let Out That Rise!(2)

Best fit on skinny legs/newborn/chunky thighs etc.

Getting the best fit

Adjusting the Rise

Sizing Guideline

Fix your fit!


Cloth in Different Circumstances

Don't be scared!

Lalabye Baby at Daycare

Using cloth with a full time job

Using cloth part time

Using cloth with multiples

Preparing for cloth with a newborn

Cloth on Vacation

Personal Testimony- Cloth on Vacation


Different Uses

Using Cloth diapers At daycare

Can Lalabye Baby diapers be used as swim diapers?

Potty training with Lalabye Baby

Using Lalabye as a pocket diaper

Using Lalabye as an AIO or AI2

Multipurpose Wetbag



Fun Projects


Diaper Cake Tutorial

Cloth Diaper Tie Dye


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