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Meet our Lalabye Mamas for 2017. Get to know them and be sure to follow them on social media so that you can catch exclusive hints, tips, and fun photos that share the #lalabyelove!

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(Owner, Creator)

family-editedI started my cloth diapering journey long before making diapers ever crossed my mind. I was a second time mom, looking for the ultimate diaper, dreaming of all the perfect features rolled into one. I had tried many brands and knew exactly what I wanted in a diaper, but that diaper didn’t exist. I sketched out my design and began working towards making my dream a reality.

I’ll admit that the whole process of designing a diaper, researching, contacting, and interviewing manufactures was very intimidating. I worked hard to find a factory that is certified and has fair labor practices. All Lalabye Baby diapers pass rigorous testing required by CPSIA. Getting every last measurement and feature included in a diaper and communicating with the factory to produce my design was challenging, but the end result was worth it! I had help with my design process not only from friends and family but from cloth diaper retailers, other cloth diapering moms, and a professional seamstress. Every feature of my diaper has been carefully thought out, debated upon, and implemented.

Lalabye Baby is a small, family-run business. Every single order that goes out to you through our website or out to our retailers is inspected, packed, and shipped by me. The name “Lalabye” was inspired by my daughter Leah; she used to call herself Lala. My husband, with his background in graphic design, came up with our logo and website. Everyone in my family has contributed to the success of our small business. My kids were my inspiration and motivation, my testers, and my little helpers. Most importantly, I had a lot of support from my family and friends. Without any of them, Lalabye Baby wouldn’t exist.

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(Marketing Director, Blogger, Admin, Social Media Manager)

Nicole_2.jpgHello, lovers of Lalabye! My name is Kristen, and I’m a former high school English teacher turned stay-at-home-mom and a part-time private tutor, blogger, marketing director, and social media manager. I enjoy teaching babywearing and cloth diapering classes in person and via Periscope, too. I blogged for Dream Diapers before beginning the blog here at Lalabye Baby and over at Mommy Sincerest. I also blog for one of our retailers, Fluff and Familia. I’m a huge advocate for empowering women as mothers and speaking up about infertility. I love organizing, photographing, gardening, living green, and vegging out watching episodes of my favorite tv shows (Jane the Virgin, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, FriendsGilmore Girls, The Office, Scrubs, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights) or movies (comedy, drama, and British comedy). I love to travel and be out and about, and most every day my 4 year old asks me, “Where we goin’ today, momma?”

Nicole_8I cloth diapered my son from infancy and went through several brands before I found Lalabye Baby when he was 8 months old. The elastics were better than in the diapers I had; the fit was better; the inserts were more absorbent, and my husband loved the color coded belly band. He said, “We have to get more of these.” So I sold off our old stash and kindly obliged! We used our Lalabyes until Lucas potty trained and have used them since birth with our youngest son, Everett. My husband is happy that we have plenty of “the good diapers” around and has been impressed with all the new prints that have been released in the past year.

I started cloth diapering my son Lucas in 2013 to save money so that I could stay at home, and it’s turned into a hobby and a passion for me to educate others about the benefits of cloth and that you can use cloth diapers even if you’re aren’t a “hippie,” as my mother would say. Cloth doesn’t have to be complicated! I am your wash-routine guru if you ever need help (but be sure to check the blog first- there are plenty of posts on washing and care) and I love to help people problem solve any issues that may crop up. I’m proud to be a #RetiredLalabyeMama after three years, and I’m beyond happy to remain in this community as the marketing director, social media manager, blogger, admin, and general Jane of All Trades.

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(Lalabye Mama, Lalabye Chat admin)

IMG_2705Hello Lovers of Lalabye!
I’m Katie; I’m 28 year old stay at home mom of my 14 month old son, Declan.  I married my high school sweetheart, Sam in July 2014.  I was a full time CNA and Nursing student, working countless overtime shifts when I found out I was pregnant with Declan.  I worked as much as could in preparation for the new baby and for me to be able to stay home full time.  Being a mom is the best gift I could of asked for.
Declan has a wild personality, but he is so inquisitive which I love!  I hope he never stops learning and exploring every little thing.
People who know me well, know that my favorite thing in the world besides my family, is Disney.  Since my first Walt Disney World trip when I was an infant, I’ve been down that rabbit hole since (pun intended).
I also love binge watching Netflix and eating junk food.  Who doesn’t?!
As a family, we love doing all things outside and traveling.  We live in Michigan, where there is constant weather change which keeps things interesting!  We love going Up North to our family cabin.  Life stands still up there.  Our cabin is right on the lake; so we do a lot of boating, tubing, knee boarding, etc; when weather permits of course.
I’ve always known that I wanted to cloth diaper when I became a mom and I wanted to start right out of the gate!  I found Lalabye through my sweet friend, Kristen Bens.  When I was a couple months pregnant, I quickly started building my stash in preparation for my son.  The quality, the rainbow snaps, the vibrant colors, and unique prints drew me in, but my favorite part is being a part of the community.  The Lalabye community is filled with the most kind, supportive, and generous mothers I’ve ever met and I’m so honored to be a part of it.

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(Lalabye Mama, Graphic Designer, Lalabye BST Admin)

I’m Charlotte; I’m a 33 year old part-time graphic designer and a full-time wife to Nick and mom to Emily. Emily is a sweet, smart, and determined two year old with a very sensitive tush! Nick and I grew up in the same neighborhood (a few towns over from where we live now) but didn’t meet until we were in our 20s through mutual friends. We have been married since 2013 and have never felt like more of a family since having Emily. We are so excited to be expecting our second daughter in August, on whom we hope to use cloth from birth.

We’ve been cloth diapering since Emily was 8 months old and found Lalabye Baby shortly after that. I was drawn in by the rainbow snaps and bamboo inserts and started using them exclusively after realizing how amazingly they fit and how wonderful the community was. We have had a few challenges along the way, but Lalabye Baby has never failed us, and I’ve always been able to rely on the wonderful mamas in the chat group for motivation. I’ve never found a more supportive and motivating group of moms, and I feel blessed to be a part of it. Lalabye Baby has turned one of the most mundane aspects of motherhood into a passion for me and has introduced me to mamas who will be friends well past potty training.

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(Lalabye Mama, Lalabye BST Admin)

19553352_10211616774347674_368636915_nHi Lalabye friends! My name is Kate aka Mama of Hendrix and Piper, H&P for short. I am 29 years old, and the girls turned one in February. They’re happy, funny, emotional, creative little creatures and by far the greatest things that I have ever done! They have been my dream for as long as I can remember. I have said my entire life that I was going to have curly blonde haired, blue eyed, identical twin girls and that they’d be mini versions of me. Who knew I would end up being right?

Hendrix is older, tends to wear stripes, talks more and has a little more hair on top. Piper is taller, slightly aggressive when being affectionate, wears lots of polkadots, and is always on the move. They both love reading, music, dance parties, food, diaper laundry and animals. The girls were born in Portland, Maine but we moved to Minnesota when they were eight weeks old so that we could have the help of our amazing family. At that time, I had a completely debilitating multiple sclerosis flare. My main focus through everything has been my daughters. My family happily helped us continue our breastfeeding and cloth diaper journey because they’re both so important to me.

I first saw Lalabye diapers online while working on building a registry, but we didn’t actually get any until the girls were almost three months old when we restarted cloth full-time. I loved the colors so much that my first purchase was for ten diapers before I had even seen them in person! Once I realized they have rainbow snaps and we got them on the bum, I was completely hooked! We became exclusively Lalabye as quickly as I could. I had always been a solids girl, until Pura Vida convinced me to buy a print, and now I can’t imagine not having prints in our stash! I joined Lalabye Chat in the middle of the Costa Collection releases, and I have always felt at home with the amazing women in the group. I’m proud to be a part of such an encouraging, loving, respectful group of families! The fluff butt photos don’t hurt either!

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(Lalabye Mama, Lalabye Chat admin)

19437719_1681931758487945_8631252664879614936_nHi everyone! My name is Olivia and I am so honored and ecstatic to be a Lalabye Mama! I am a stay at home mom and wife living in my beautiful hometown of Louisville, KY. My husband, Josh, and I were high school sweethearts and have been married for almost four years now. We have been blessed with two little guys who are currently in Lalabyes, Elijah and Ezra, and we also have one more Lalabye baby on the way. With a 2.5 year old and a 16 month old, we are always on the move! We love taking trips to the Louisville zoo, splash parks, and adventuring and traveling as much as possible. I really love that my boys share my excitement for exploring and spending time outdoors.

19576486_1681977438483377_1426944694_oDuring my down time I enjoy crafting, catching up on my favorite blogs, and baking as well as sharing cute pictures of my boys in their Lalas with my fellow Lala lovers! Our cloth diapering journey started when Elijah was three months old, but we took a few breaks because we couldn’t find the perfect cloth solution for him. May of last year, we found the perfect diaper we had been searching for: Lalabye Baby! I was so thankful to finally find a diaper that met and exceeded both of our boys needs. Our entire cloth diaper stash was quickly replaced by Lalabye Baby diapers, and we have never looked back. Not only did I fall in love with Lalabye Baby diapers, I fell in love with the community as well! I have never met a group of women as kind and supportive as the women I have met in the Lalabye community. I have truly made life long friends among these ladies! I am so excited to start this journey as a Lalabye Mama and to continue to spread the Lalabye Love!

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(Lalabye Mama, Lalabye Chat Admin)

20050022_10105065277180869_1303810244_oHello Lalabye Fans and Followers! My name is Robin and I am the proud mama of two amazing boys. Walker will be 5 in August, and Cameron will turn one in September. My husband Ryan and I have been married for 6 years. My lifelong dream was always to be a stay home mom, and we were finally able to make that happen last January. Prior to staying home, I worked for a State Farm agent handling customer service and a little sales. I also have a degree in Elementary Education that I will finally be putting to use when I begin homeschooling my oldest. Walker is the sweetest, most loving little boy. He makes us laugh and keeps us on our toes. He is also and an amazing big brother to Cameron. Cameron is curious and stubborn and LOUD! He is very determined to keep up with his big brother- of whom he thinks the world. Our family loves going to the zoo, taking family vacations, and watching movies together. We are also huge Iowa Hawkeye and Chicago Cub fans! I knew I wanted to cloth diaper before I ever had kids. When I was pregnant with Walker, I went off of the advice of a friend when it came time to choose my stash. I used one brand exclusively, but we switched to disposables when he was about 18 months because I became frustrated with stink and fit issues. I knew I wanted to use something different with my next baby. That’s when fate intervened! I happened to meet former Lalabye Mama Kristen Nicole at a prenatal swim class, and she told me all about Lalabye Baby diapers. Soon after, I ordered a few and fell in love instantly. They were so soft and vibrant, and I loved that my new baby would fit in them right away. I love the Lalabye Community just as much as I love the diapers. I am so blessed to have a group of supportive, helpful, and loving mamas always willing to offer advice or encouragement when it’s needed. I know some of these women will be in my life long past potty training.

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Samantha Smoker-Lunsford

(Lalabye Mama, Lalabye Chat Lead)

image1(1)Hey, y’all!

I’m Samantha. I am 22 years old. I’m a Christian first, a mom second, and a wife third. I have two children, Mason and Ella, who are my world. Mason is three years old and full of life! He is up for anything and so smart, but most of all – he has a heart of gold. He was my first Lalabye baby, and Ella is my second. She is four months old, and she is something else! She loves cuddling, Johnny Cash, and that’s about it. We also have a 1.5-year-old Great Dane. His name is Pete, and he is the gentlest giant! My husband, Matt, and I have been married almost four years, and it has been a journey. We had gym class in high school, but I always thought he was so dorky (sorry, babe!). We think it is hilarious the first time we met was the date our son’s birthday would be three years later.
image2I work at a nurse aide training school, and I am also a full time college student. I don’t have time for many hobbies, but I do love photography, reading, writing, and the outdoors. If baby wearing, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering are hobbies, those things too!

I started my cloth journey without any idea of what I was doing. I quickly, but not soon enough, found Lalabye. It was instant love! The fit is perfect for my little one’s, the AI2 system is my favorite, and the prints & solids are just the cherry on top! Above all, the friendships I have made in this community are what I love. Where I live, I don’t know anyone who uses cloth, and I feel like I have finally found my place. The love in the Lalabye community is simply amazing.

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Stephanie Montez

(Lalabye Mama, One-Stop Shop Admin)

IMG_20171015_130518Hello!  My name is Stephanie, and I’m a 31 year old mama to Amelia (3) and Zoey (5 months) and wife to Nathan.  He is a software engineer, and we’ve been married for 6 years.  I am a stay at home mom, but I hold a degree in Instrumental Music Education, and taught middle school and high school band for 4 years before we had Amelia.  I enjoy running, music, reading, and crocheting.  We also have 2 dogs- mini Aussies named Milo and Lucy.

As a family, we enjoy being outdoors- bike riding, walking, going to festivals, parks, and the zoo.  Amelia has always loved being outside no matter the weather and is such a little free spirit.  She’s got a wonderful imagination, the biggest heart, and her daddy’s fun craziness.  She loves the color pink and wearing dresses every day. (If you knew me several years ago, you would never have thought I’d have a daughter into pink and frilly things, but I’ve come to accept it and I’m even a little obsessed with hair bows now.  I guess that’s what happens when you have 2 girls!)  She is such a sweet big sister and loves kissing and loving on baby sister.  Zoey is the sweetest, happiest little baby and I can’t wait to see more of her personality come through!

IMG_20170703_173131Our cloth diaper journey started when Amelia was about 8 months old (April of 2015).  We had visited the idea of cloth earlier on, but didn’t really know many people who used them and were mostly just intimidated by it.  Nathan was more for it than I was at first!  Around that time, I started researching a little, then a LOT, and started asking questions.  We finally just dove in and tried a few brands.  Luckily, Lalabye Baby was one of those brands.  I was drawn to the vibrant solid colors and wanted a true red and a royal purple (so naturally, my first Lalabye purchases were Old McDonald and All Around the Mulberry Bush!).  We quickly realized Lalabye worked the best for us by far, and were exclusively Lalabye by the fall of 2015.  I was so glad to have found something that worked so well for us AND had an amazing community of mamas behind it.  From the beginning, I felt welcome and knew I always had somewhere to turn for help, encouragement, laughs, and new friendships!  After a 6 month break between potty training Amelia and Zoey’s birth, Zoey has been cloth diapered since the day we came home from the hospital with her!

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 Jessica Rose Shool

(Lalabye Mama, Lalabye BST Admin)

image1(12)Hi everyone!
My name is Jessica and I am mama to two bouncing baby boys; Caleb who was born in February 2016 and Joseph who was born in June 2017. Caleb is my rough and tumble guy who is into fire trucks and tools whereas Joseph is my smiley, googly eyed boy who loves to sit, cuddle, and read. I love seeing their different personality develop.
My husband and I have been married for almost nine years. We met on a dating website. At the time, I was living in Virginia and he was in pre-deployment training in New Jersey for the Army National Guard. We met up for the first time and had our first date in New York City. We spent a total of 36 hours together before he was deployed for 13 months. While he was gone, I moved to his home town in California and “dated” his family; spending most evening and weekends with his mom, sister, bother, and grandma. Only 2 months after he returned home, he proposed and we were married 4 months later. Since then, we have moved to the Suburbs of Houston, Texas. We drank the Kool-Aid and are now die hard Texans.
I work part time as a Speech-Language Pathologist in an adult in-patient rehabilitation hospital. I also specialize in pediatric feeding disorders and am studying to be a lactation consultant. I currently preschool homeschool Caleb with a local co-op. I love being involved in my son’s education and providing opportunities for him to learn and explore. My favorite activity to do with the boy is to go for long walks in the morning.

Caleb has been in cloth since we brought him home from the hospital. We began using Lalabye Baby when he was 6 weeks old and since then, our entire stash is Lalabye. We also use Lalabye baby diapers with our youngest, Joseph.  I absolutely LOVE the versatility of these diapers with all the different ways you can adjust the absorbency to meet specific needs. Recently, we began using Lalabye’s new diaper covers and it has been such a smooth transition as Lalabye’s bamboo inserts snap perfectly into the covers. I can also still keep my baby’s bottom dry with their stay-dry bamboo inserts. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with many different brands of inserts or different sizes. Everything in my diaper stash is stream-lined which helps keep me organized when I am already so busy chasing after these two boys. Similarly to Lalabye’s diapers, the community of women that follow Lalabye are extraordinary. The group chat fosters a welcoming environment where rookie and veteran cloth users can troubleshoot issues such as solutions to wash routines. I have met some of the most uplifting and encouraging women in this group. I am so grateful for this community and the #lalabyelove that they share.

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Jackie Martinez

(Lalabye Mama, Lalabye Chat Lead)


Hi! My name is Jackie! I am the proud momma of my little man Jaime who is currently 18 months old. Jaime is a fun, silly and curious little boy who loves Trolls, mariachi music, playing with his kitchen set, going to the park, and talking on the phone! We also have a fur baby named Pumpkin who is a playful 12 year old Doxie and one of the pups featured on Lalabye’s exclusive print It’s Raining Cats and Dogs! We are so excited to announce that we will be welcoming a new little baby into the world in April 2018! We will be finding out the gender soon so keep an eye out on the Lalabye chat page for the reveal!

I am blessed with a loving husband named Javier who originally was the one interested in cloth. Now collecting Lalabyes, chatting on the page and sharing pictures of my little fluff butt is my fun mommy hobby!  I’m all about sharing the #lalabyelove!  We were lucky to be introduced to Lalabye before my son was born and gifted a starter stash! Needless to say, that stash has grown and more than doubled.  I can’t wait to use little newborn diapers on this little nugget in April! And I’m even more excited to put my two kiddos in matching diapers!!! Oh the coordinating outfit possibilities! I honestly never knew how much I would love to prepack a diaper bag and pick out matching diapers and of course the matching backup outfit! Lalabye diapers make what could be such a mundane task exciting and fun!

1508128761835When I’m not busy at home, I am even more busy at work! I am a very passionate preschool teacher and love working with young children. The age range I typically work with is 20 months- 3 1/2 year olds! So if you’re looking for activities or last minute ideas, I’m your go to gal!  I have been blessed to work with this age since 2005! I absolutely love getting to know their little personalities and watching them grow and develop! I also have the pleasure of creating good relationships with their parents and love having families return to visit or enroll their next child!

All in all, I’d say I’m a pretty positive person   with a love of family, children, puppies, and of course Lalabye.

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Laramie Appenfeller

(Lalabye Mama, One Stop Shop Admin)

IMG_2459 2Hello Lalabye Family! My name is Laramie and I’m so excited to start this journey as a Lalabye Momma!  I have been blessed with two amazing little girls! Lily Primrose is 3.5 and Olive Poppy was born in July 2017. I have been married to my amazing husband Logan for 6 years! Wow does time fly! I work part time at a local church, and in my spare time I run a baking business out of our home. My dream was always to be a stay at home mom, but as I’ve come to learn things don’t always go as planned!

When I’m not baking, you can usually find me knitting, drinking coffee, listening to podcasts and wearing my babies. I’m an only child, a Hufflepuff, and a fan of really really “bad” zombie movies. Some of the shows I like to binge watch are Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Bones and The Office, just to name a few. Ironically i don’t have a sweet tooth at all! Which is probably a good thing with as many sweets as I have in my house at any given time. If i was making tacos or pizza rolls all day, I’d be in trouble! My favorite holiday is the 4th of July and favorite color is yellow. Eventually my husband and I’s dream is to live in a Hobbit home, get to travel, and sit and knit socks all day long.

IMG_1355We started our cloth journey when Lily was just 6 months old, after our stash of disposable diapers from baby showers dwindled, and my husband had started his bachelors degree. We started due to a financial need, but quickly embraced all the benefits there are to switching to cloth. Thankfully our local diaper store carried Lalabye Baby and we had the opportunity to try them in our first “diaper trial.” They stood out way above the rest in ease of use, quality of materials, and overall adorableness! My husband honestly never reached for another diaper, he loved the ease of the rainbow waist snaps! From that moment forward we used them exclusively with Lily, until she potty trained shortly after her 2nd birthday. We then stashed them away for our next little one. We’ve been using our Lalabye’s with our new little one, Olive, exclusively since she was 1 month old! We love that the 4th rise snap allowed them to fit her absolutely amazingly from the very beginning! In addition to how amazing Lalabye Baby diapers are, I think we can all agree with how amazing the community is! It’s encouraging, empowering, and generous and I’m so privileged to get to be a part of it!

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