Newborn or One Size Diapers?

Since the release of our newborn diapers a few months ago, many customers have wondered:

“Why choose to buy newborn sized Lalabye Baby diapers when our One Size cloth diapers truly fit from birth to potty training?”

So, here’s the answer:

Lalabye Baby’s newborn sized diapers are simply a mini version of our OS diaper. The biggest differences are that they use aplix closures instead of snaps, and they best fit from 5-12 lbs. Although, we have seen these diapers comfortably fit below and above that weight range! Because our newborn diapers are two separate pieces (insert and shell) they dry a lot faster and have more customizable absorbancy than the all-in-ones available elsewhere, too!

Our newborn diaper users agree they are glad they chose to use newborn sized diapers for these top three reasons:

Quicker and easier changes: the aplix closures are awesome for super squirmy newborns, littles who can’t stand diaper changing time, and middle of the night changes when you’re half awake.

Trimmer fit: little to no additional tucking or adjusting is needed on bitty newborns. Our customers rave it’s the trimmest newborn diaper around, and it fits great under clothing!

Family friendly: the aplix closures are just like the sticky tabs on disposables, so even non-cloth-educated family members can do diaper changes without difficulty.

However, if your budget does not allow for the purchase of newborn sized diapers, know that Lalabye Baby’s One Size cloth diapers are renown for truly fitting from birth to potty training, making them an excellent investment in your cloth diapering journey!

Look how our cute little customers can wear both the newborn or the one size diaper comfortably!

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